Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lilly Anne: 47 Weeks

We had quite the exciting Memorial Day Weekend! On Saturday, you went swimming at Jed's Ninja Turtles first birthday party, and played at the water table with all of the other babies. I was so bummed I didn't have my phone to grab a picture! You also got to spend the weekend with your grandparents! We went wine tasting (not your first time...or second...actually it was your second time that weekend since we had a Michael David play date with Brooke and Jed on Friday...), they helped us clear out our backyard to get ready for our beautiful new patio, and we had lots of yummy food. It's so nice that they can drive up to see you so often.
You are getting more and more sassy playful each week, and your newest trick is feeding us your food. I'm totally going to gain weight from eating all of your snacks, but if it gets you eating too, I'm good with it. You are nursing like a newborn lately, and I can't tell if it's a comfort thing or a hunger thing, so I'm trying to get you to eat as much real food as possible because I'd love to not have to pull up my shirt (or have you so lovingly pull it down for me) every two hours. You are loving peekaboo and lift-the-flap books, along with putting stuff in baskets or bowls. We're working on actual cleaning up ;)
Still no teeth, which is really lame, because I can see them. Do you hear that, teeth? I know you're there. Cut through, already. These teething shenanigans have gone on long enough.

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