Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lilly Anne: 46 Weeks

We had a much better week this week!  Still no top teeth, but they don't seem to be bothering you as badly.  Actually I think they receded, so that's cool.  Your appetite and congestion are much better, too, thank goodness.  We got out a lot more this week, even visiting your daddy for lunch on his birthday and meeting all of his new co-workers.  There is a fun park and beach right by his office, so I can see us hanging out there a lot this summer!  We've been swinging at the park a lot, and you even tried the slide!  I think you hit one of my favorite new milestones this week--putting things in instead of taking them out.  I am totally going to teach you to clean up soon.  It's actually really funny because you have become quite particular about putting things in their spots, so when we play with Jed, he takes everything out and you show him where it goes.  You are even so sweet as to put your half-eaten food back into whatever bowl you took it out of.  You also really like to drop things, which is totally not my favorite milestone, and you are using that skill to communicate what you are not interested in eating, or if you are done with your water.  Which is awesome.  Not.  I'm ready for that milestone to pass.  The look you are giving me in this crib picture is "oops, I just dropped the toy I was playing with."  How can I resist those baby blues??

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