Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lilly Anne: 45 Weeks

Well, this was a rough week of teething mixed with some sort of cold/allergy awfulness that we all had.  Your nose ran nonstop, and I thought for sure that those top two teeth were going to pop through, but no luck yet!  Luckily you are feeling mostly better, although you do still have some chest congestion that makes you sound like Darth Vader.  Your daddy started his new job this week, too, so you and I got to hang out ALLLLLLL day long together!  It was a rough adjustment, since we couldn't really go out since we were sick, and the days got a lot longer with no lunch break, but we made it!  You were finally feeling better enough today that we went to go swimming with Jed, and you are so stinking cute in this swimsuit.  You have been hating baths lately, but you liked swimming in the (lukewarm) hot tub, so maybe I will try filling the bathtub all the way up and getting in with you so it's like swimming!

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