Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lilly Anne: 43 Weeks

So I think you might have hit my favorite milestone yet!  You have started to become suuuuper affectionate this week, and will hug me and bury your face in my neck.  I die.  When Daddy is holding you, you'll reach out and grab my neck in a death grip for a hug, and you are especially cuddly when you wake up from your naps.  You've always been a snuggler, but this intentional hugging is the most precious thing ever, especially when you tilt your head and smile.  I mean, it isn't totally a new skill since you've been hugging the cats for, like, ever, but it's pretty awesome that you've finally decided that you love us as much as the cats.  I swear, if it weren't for the cats, you would never hit any milestones.  They are definitely the only reason you started crawling, pulling up, sitting down, and cruising.  Slowly but surely, they have fewer and fewer places out of your reach to escape you!!
My birthday was Saturday, and you had a fun afternoon and evening with Papa while your daddy and I went up to Sacramento to go shopping and out to dinner.  It was a very fun break, and Papa seemed to have worn you down with so much fun.  I'm glad it went well, because we'll be ditching you to go to a Giants game for your daddy's birthday soon!!

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