Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lilly Anne: 42 Weeks

Happy first Easter little one! We had a fun visit with your grandparents, and you LOVED the bunny in your Easter basket, along with some fuzzy eggs from Target, Frozen, and Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?  I put you in the cutest hat (and a 0-3 month dress...sorry about that!) for church, and then we had a big lunch.  You will eat pretty much anything, although you definitely go through phases for your favorites.  Grapes are always a winner, though! You are still working on pulling up and getting down, and have gotten pretty smooth at both, and are definitely cruising around much faster.  You love to wave and give high-fives still, and the ribbon wand is by far your favorite toy, except for the cats of course!  Pictures just keep getting harder and harder, even though you love to pose, but you would much rather be practicing your walking and climbing skills.  And diving off the chair.  You are generally very cautious in your movements, but you seem to have no fear diving off the front of the chair, or standing up on the arms and peering over the edge.  So that's fun!

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