Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lilly Anne: 41 Weeks

Happy Finally Being Out Of My Belly As Long As You Were In It Day!  It's crazy because that pregnancy felt SO LONG, but it feels like you just got here.  And also like you've always been here, and that pregnant girl was a totally different life.  Either way, HOW ARE YOU SO BIG?  This pulling up thing has really gotten out of control.  You can pretty much pull yourself up onto anything that's even marginally within reach, and you're starting to cruise slowly and awkwardly.  We got you your first pair of real walking shoes, and I really think those have helped give you confidence.  You also spent a lot of hours crawling all over Papa on the floor this weekend, and pretty much decided that you are a pro at the obstacle course.  It was a fun weekend--we got to go out to dinner and to the new casino without you (ok, so I was just excited about getting Three Twins ice cream again after tasting it on our Babymoon), and I got to go shopping by myself.  I pretty much bought all the things in all the stores.  It was awesome :) 
And, yes, pictures in the crib are totally done.  LOL!

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