Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lilly Anne: 40 Weeks

Lots more playdates this week!! You saw Jed a TON, although he is usually too busy doing his walking thing to sit and play with you, and we hung out with Addie and her mom for a while Saturday afternoon.  I think you remembered Addie from Salt Lake City, because the two of you had no trouble warming up to each other.
Apparently hanging out with older babies pushes you to hit your milestones, though, because you are now pulling up on things.  You do it very gingerly, and are so proud of yourself when you make it, but have no idea how to get down, and the whole idea of falling backwards onto that giant padded diaper doesn't seem to appeal to you!  We are trying to teach you how to do that or to bend a knee and get down that way, because if I have to sit you down every time you get tired, this is going to be a very long phase!
I think we can also officially call the "laying in the crib" picture quits.  You are having none of it, and I'm not sure how much longer sitting in the chair will last either!! You were clearly unimpressed with my attempts, as you can see by the still-critical teething tablet bottle and your judgy face.

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