Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lilly Anne: 37 Weeks

Happy March Madness and happy spring! This has been a fun week, with you learning to use those razor teeth of yours to bite into apples, bread, and cheese, and motoring yourself all around with your advanced crawling skills.  I caught you pull yourself up from your knees to your feet once, but thankfully that hasn't happened again yet!  I bought you a new toy-- a VTech Alphabet Activity Cube, the kind of toy I waited so long to buy.  The side with all of the lights and sounds makes me twitch a little bit, but it seemed to be a good combination of several types of toys I thought you'd be interested--some manipulatives like an activity board, a place to put blocks and take them out (you get so concerned when I put all of the blocks back in there, like it's your mission to take them all out!), and parts that you can pull off and snap back on.  And yes, the lights and noises in VERY SMALL DOSES (picture my twitching here).  Anyway, I'll review it in this month's must-haves if you seem to like it, but it's the perfect height for you to pull yourself up onto your knees, and apparently, all the way up onto your feet.  You also finally figured out how to get from a crawling position back to sitting up, which has caused much less whining, since you don't really get stuck anywhere anymore, except occasionally under the coffee table.  Your favorite thing to do while you're crawling is to chase the kitties with your cat toy wand, followed closely by picking up lint that was missed by the vacuum and eating it.  Awesome.  We got most of our cords hidden so those are no longer tempting, but I had to clean the front door jamb area when I caught you licking it.  Oh boy.

In other news, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I bought a 3-pack of KU onesies and I'm just hoping they make it far enough for you to wear one for each round. **update** obviously by the time I got this up, the Jayhawks had lost, so I thought I'd throw in a picture depicting Lilly's feelings about that game!

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