Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lilly Anne: 36 Weeks

You've got teeth!  They are just barely visible, but I can definitely feel those sharp little daggers with my finger--don't blame you for being a little crabby while they broke through!  I'm so sad to lose that adorable gummy smile, but I guess teeth are pretty cute too :)

You're speeding up crawling, but pretty much only after the cats.  You'll occasionally go after a toy, but that's usually more of a lunge than a dedicated crawl, like when you are stalking a kitty.  I'm also pretty positive you say "kitty" by making this hissing "k" noise when you're looking for them.  So glad you skipped "mama" and "dada" as your first words and went straight to the cats.  Typical!

Between the crawling, teething, and resulting lack of sleep, this mama is exhausted!

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