Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIWW--Man Style Part 2!

We're back with another Man Style edition of WIWW.  Not to break your heart, but this is the last one, since Tommy really only wears 4 different outfits.  So, since I know you've been at the edge of your seats, here is a couple of typical casual outfits! (Missed Part 1 and are dying of curiosity?  Here.)

So Tommy's casual wear pretty much consists of two themes: zip-up hoodie and jeans for winter, and shorts and Rainbows for summer.  It's a nice formula.

For t-shirts, we love the J Crew tall tees (not to be confused with the original Tall Tee.  Do yourself a favor and click on that link.), or the Gap tall v-necks.  Occasionally Old Navy will have a cute graphic tee in tall sizes, but pretty much anything nautical is always a winner.

In the summer, Tommy lives in these J Crew Factory Gramercy shorts.  He's got them in almost every color, and they are a nice upgrade from the cargo shorts I found him in.

In the winter, this kid loves a zip-up hoodie sweatshirt.  This one from Old Navy is great--I think he has it in navy, grey, and black.

If I would let him, Tommy would wear Rainbows year-round, but since it does actually get colder than 72 here, I made him upgrade to these Sperry slip-ons for the chillier months.

Jeans...well, we haven't found a tried-and-true set just yet, but we've had some luck with Lucky.  I like the cut of these Gap ones, so we may try these next.  As long as they aren't from Costco...

So there you have it.  I hope Tommy's wardrobe was everything you dreamed it would be!

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