Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monthly Favorites: Month 7

 Clockwise from top left:

UPPAbaby Cruz Travel Bag: When I took Lilly to Salt Lake City with me, I knew I'd have to bring so much gear, and that I wouldn't be able to live without our stroller.  HOWEVER, you know how much I love that stroller.  Like, it's my second child.  Just kidding, Rose and Cotton, I love you more than the stroller.  Some days.  Anyway, the thought of checking it made me hyperventilate, so I started researching ways to protect it.  I even thought about buying a cheap stroller to bring instead, but that seemed dumb.  I was originally hesitant to buy the actual UppaBaby bag because it was so expensive, but the other, cheaper options on Amazon just seemed like nylon duffles that wouldn't offer much protection.  I also read that UppaBaby has a TravelSafe program, where they will cover any damage done from traveling.  To me, that made the price worth it, and I was much more comfortable using this than checking it by itself.  It is a bit of a pain to load up in the airport with four bags, a baby, a carseat, and no husband, but if you aren't in that situation, you should be fine!  The girls I traveled with, and even random strangers at the airport, were all super helpful with all of my gear!

Plum Organics Baby Just Fruit, Prunes: So, um, with the introduction of solids, Lilly has had some digestive problems, especially at first, and we went through a LOT of prunes to keep things moving.  I don't even know what a prune is, so making my own was out, and these have nothing added, are organic, and worked great.  Don't know how they tasted, because I sure didn't want to find out, but they worked ;)

Plum Organics Baby Super Puffs:  Lilly loves these little puffs!  At seven months, she doesn't quite have the pincher finger down, but she loves hoarding them in her fists, and enjoys eating them if you help her.  I wanted some snack-type foods since she is starting to refuse purees, and these seemed to have the least amount of extra ingredients.

Very Bradley Grand Traveler Bag:  We brought two of these to Salt Lake City for the weekend, one for each.  Normally I am a super light packer for myself, but I wanted to bring all of Lilly's cloth diapers, so I got one bag for each of us.  The size and shape of these are great, and I am a sucker for Vera Bradley prints.  Or any prints.

Circo Sippy Cup: I bought this on a whim at Target, because, cats and Valentine's Day, not really sure how it would go over since the straw seemed like an advanced skill, but she loved it!  Her friend Addie even loved it when she stole it borrowed it, prompting her mom to go pick up several.  Lilly will literally sit with this and play, drink water, and generally make a wet mess of herself for half an hour.  Boom, that's dinner.

Nuk Orthodontic Animal Print Pacifiers Zebra Giraffe Combo:
I finally caved and bought pacifiers--I only had the WubbaNub "Moo Moo" Cow Pacifier and a couple that were random shower gifts, but she sleeps with one every night, and it seemed like maybe seven months was enough time to go buy before I spent the $8.  These were the cutest ones I could find of this style--she can hold the Nuks in much better than the Soothies, except for MooMoo.


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