Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lilly Anne: 34 Weeks

I think we have FINALLY gotten over the sickness hump (prayers answered there!), and your personality is shining through.  You are such a little ham, and you love to make us laugh.  Your favorite place to be is right in my face, and you give the grossest open-mouthed slobber kisses when you are happy.  You rarely stop chattering, and you really like the new levels of volume you are discovering with your high-pitched squeals.  Ha.  You seriously crack me up all day long, and every time I laugh, you crack up.
This week we've really upped the game with finger foods, and we pretty much give you little bits of whatever we're eating.  You LOVED the chicken alfredo pizza I made, especially the chicken, and you are also a big fan of ham and cheese.  Pears are definitely still your favorite, and you love to wave that pear stick around in our faces.  You also tried salmon, avocado, green apple, cutie oranges, jam, pizza crust, bagel, cucumber, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, and waffles.  You didn't seem to dislike anything, but the ham, cheese, chicken, cucumber, apple, and pear are definitely your favorites!  It's made for some very messy loads of laundry--I can't wait for it to warm up a little bit more so we can just feed you naked!
Just in case anyone is fooled into thinking you're the perfect baby, you also hate having your diaper changed and have some major Stage 5 clinging tendencies when you're fighting your naps... And if you had your way, you would spend every minute of the day yanking my hair out of my head!

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