Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lilly Anne: 33 Weeks

Oh, Lilly, will the drama never end? Just when I think you're finally healed from everything, you had a fever yesterday!!  Luckily it is gone today, so I am going to chalk it up to finally teething, but you are just not having a great month.  Thankfully you are so happy when you feel even ok, but it is so sad when you whimper!!  Lots of drooling and rubbing your tongue over that bottom gum, so I really think this might be it.

You and I had a fun weekend while Daddy was down at his Pike conference.  I was nervous about another three days alone, but it was waaaaay easier than traveling.  So thank goodness I had that experience first.  Plus, I might have completely over-scheduled our weekend so we had lots to do :)  We went to Walnut Creek on Saturday, and you had a serious diaper situation outside--luckily it was right in front of Macy's, so what was a mommy to do but buy you a new outfit?  I have long since stopped packing you a change of clothes, because, really, that poor diaper bag is full enough already.  I will say you rocked that diaper and Ugg boots look--brought me right back to my college days.

You are getting much more mobile by contorting your body around, but still no closer to crawling or even scooting!  You go from sitting to clipping over one leg onto your belly, and you can reach pretty far that way.  Lots of clapping and talking, though--mostly in the middle of the night.  I'm not sure what is up with your new party animal status, but it has happened three nights this week.  You don't even care that we are both ignoring you and trying to sleep, you just squawk away. You have also mastered your pincher grip like a pro; you down puffs like it's your job.  I have been trying to give you some new foods too, like cucumber, avocado, ham, cheese, and tomatoes.  You love anything you can hold as a stick and wave around, but your favorite is probably pear.  You really should start eating more food, though; you can't have milk forever!

Another extra for cuteness ;)

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