Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lilly Anne: 31 Weeks

What a busy week we've had!  On Friday morning, we flew to Salt Lake City with Ashley and Addie and the Alpha Phi officers for the annual Leadership Conference.  We spent all day Saturday in sessions, and flew home Sunday afternoon.  Let me just tell you, you and Addie did SO WELL on the flights, in the sessions, at meals, in the airport, even at night, but it was soooooooo exhausting.  We had layovers both days, so you had to go through four take-offs and four landings, but you both were champs.  By Sunday morning, though, we could tell you were both done with the whole thing.  You spent a good chunk of the weekend in the Ergo or the stroller, and you guys were ready to have some freedom--especially Addie, since she's a free-range baby at daycare ;)  You girls loved playing together so much, and we loved matching your outfits each day!  I seriously don't think I could have survived the trip if not for having Ashley along going through it all with me.  It was so nice at the end of a long day to see someone else pacing the halls wearing the Ergo when everyone else was eating dinner.  You two were definitely the most popular girls at the conference though--everyone was too busy staring at you to pay attention!

Monday morning you woke up and were so happy to be home and to hang out with Daddy.  You spent the whole day talking and playing and hardly needed to be picked up at all.  It was so fun, and of course you saved it for Daddy Day Care!  I had a dentist appointment, and I went shopping for about an hour by myself just to get out of the house for some alone time after that marathon weekend.

Unfortunately, Tuesday morning you woke up so fussy, and were sad baby all day long!  Around mid-morning, I realized that your head felt really warm, so we took your temperature and you definitely had a fever.  I started to panic at my decision not to get you a flu shot after realizing how disgustingly germy this weekend was between all the people and the airport, but I also thought it might be teeth since that could be starting any time, and you seemed to be in pain.  You whimpered and napped most of the day, and we thought if you weren't feeling better in the morning we'd call the doctor.  We gave you some ibuprofen in the evening, which helped bring the fever down, and we could tell you felt a little better.  You actually slept really well at conference in bed with me, so we decided to try co-sleeping at home for a while to get you weaned off of that bouncy chair that you no longer fit in, and to keep me from having to get up 4 or 5 times a night.  Well, co-sleeping with a feverish baby definitely makes it harder, and your temperature spiked up to 102 overnight from the extra body heat.  Wednesday morning, you seemed about the same, so I called the doctor at lunch, and they had you come in.  Let me just say how much I love the nurse hotline at our pediatrician; they are so kind and supportive, and they definitely put first-time mommas at ease!  When you got checked, the doctor said your ears looked really inflamed and that you probably had an ear infection from draining that cold you had a couple of weeks ago.  Poor thing, you just can't get a break.  The antibiotics seemed to kick in right away, though, and you were in a much better mood today!  Thank goodness.  I hope we can go a while before anyone else in our house gets sick again!!

I just had to include this last one because, really.

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