Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIWW--Man Style!

Given that I didn't get dressed over Christmas break (break from what, you ask?  I'm not sure...) and that I had a super-fun 24-hour flu bug last weekend, I thought I'd switch it up for the next few weeks and do a little mini-series on Tommy's wardrobe staples!  We'll start this week with work-wear, since that is what he wears most days.

Finding tall dress shirts is an absolute must--nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting dress shirt that won't stay tucked in.  Our favorites are Gap and J Crew, especially on sale!  I am so glad that so many more retailers are carrying tall sizes now, because I can remember the frustration my dad used to have when there were only a handful of "big and tall" stores.

Tommy really likes Penguin ties when we find them at Nordstrom Rack.  Some definitely look very juvenile, but a lot of the stripes and plaids are a nice modern twist on a traditional tie to jazz up the lawyer wardrobe.

I was recently introduced to these Bonobo's Weekday Warrior pants--we got a catalog in the mail over Christmas break, and were intrigued by the preppy classics.  After all, Tommy likes a good preppy look. ;)  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the brand about their Weekday Warrior line of pants, and Tommy was hooked.  They are wrinkle-free, which I love, since I do all the ironing, and since I rarely wear anything other than leggings, the ironing is pretty much all Tommy's work-wear.  They are also designed to fit better with a curved waistband and less fabric to bunch up.  Since Tommy is a pretty slim guy, this definitely appealed to us.  Can you believe that when I first met him, the boy was wearing pleated dress pants?  Thank goodness he has come so far!  These come in 12 different colors, too, and I think it's adorable that they have a day of the week embroidered in the waistband, for those guys who need a little extra help ;)  You can read more about the Weekday Warrior pants here!

Since Tommy's office is pretty casual when he doesn't have to go into court or meet with clients, we just got these Sperry's to shake things up a bit and add a little interest to his outfits.  I love the lime green on the bottom, and that it's not too much.  Definitely not court appropriate, but slightly cooler for every day.  He's got a couple of nice pairs of oxfords for days when he sees clients or has to go to court, but I love these Cole Haan wingtips to replace them when they wear out (they're getting close!).  I'm still trying to convince him that expensive shoes are expensive for a reason, and absolutely worth it both in comfort and quality.

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