Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lilly Anne: 30 Weeks

Ooh, girl, what a week! It started out fun, with lots of time with the girlies at Alpha Phi for recruitment weekend and a visit from Papa, but you caught your first cold and had a miserable few days and nights. The worst was definitely Monday when my dad was here-you didn't sound as bad then but you were so sad and fussy. You wouldn't sleep, wouldn't be put down, and just kept crying. It was so awful! That night was even worse as the congestion set in and you couldn't quite figure out how to breathe through your mouth and wouldn't settle down. I think I slept for an hour. :( your amazing Auntie Brooke came to our rescue Tuesday and brought us some saline nose spray and baby Vick's for your chest. We took a long nap together in the morning, and you took another long nap that afternoon, and by the evening you were feeling much better, even though you sounded much worse. Like a 65-year-old smoker. Or a pug. Anyway, you have been much happier the last couple of days, and still waking up quite a bit from coughing at night, but going back to sleep much more peacefully. Thank goodness!

In happier news, you started sharing this week and it's the cutest thing ever. You'll take your binky out of your mouth and hold it up to me until I say "Thank you" and then put it back in your mouth. Over and over :) Also, these long naps are awesome, so if you want to drop down to two naps a day but they're each 1-2 hours long, I'd be ok with that!

Tomorrow we're off to Alpha Phi Regional Conference in Salt Lake City, and I'm a little nervous about the plane ride, and sleeping in a hotel, and making sure you get enough to eat since you won't eat around the distractions of other people, and hoping you don't get constipated, and what to pack, and all the things...

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