Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lilly Anne: 27 Weeks

I know everybody says it, but I never really believed them--until now.  Every stage really does get more fun.  I thought for sure I would miss the newborn stage and be sad that you are getting closer and closer to toddlerhood, and although I do miss you staying in one place when I set you down, your little personality is just so much fun!  You love to grab faces, especially if the person is wearing glasses, stand up and bounce, and put everything you find into your mouth.  And the kitties.  Oh, the kitties.  Rose is so patient and lets you whack her face, pull clumps of her hair into your mouth, and just generally maul her, and although Cotton is more shy, you love to watch her run around and be crazy.  You are a major cuddler, and if you could be carried around all day long while you explore the world around you, you would.  You hate being put down, and cry every time for a second until you realize there's something cool to play with.  Once you get over it, you are pretty good at playing alone, especially in your crib at 5:00 am since no one wants to get up with you at that time. You are such a strong sitter, so you're not that interested in laying down to play anymore, and when you tip from sitting to your stomach, you get frustrated and need to be picked up.  Right now we have no rug in the living room, so your exploration space is pretty limited-I just hope it gets here before you decide to crawl! Happy six months, little one!

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