Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals

True to form, it's a few days into they year before I'm posting these.  We had a good chance to talk about what we wanted out of this year in the car on the way to Nordstrom Rack in Sacramento (What? Your family doesn't take road trips to Nordstrom Rack?) this weekend, but it took a while to process those ideas and formulate some cohesive goals.  Without further ado, here we go.

1.  Get out more.  You guys, it's embarrassing how infrequently I go outside.  Well, other than walks.  But we have this whole back yard, and really a front yard too, that we never use.  Redoing the back yard is our major house goal for the year, so that it becomes a space we actually want to be in, especially once Lilly starts running around.  I can already feel the cabin fever of life with a toddler approaching.  In addition, I think it would be nice to find more outdoor areas to explore--I love walking around the beautiful houses in our neighborhood, but I'm sure there are more parks/trails/etc to explore nearby--there have to be, right?  Also, I believe there was something about a backyard garden in last year's goals...

2.  Live more locally.  Along with exploring for fun outdoor adventures (ok, don't anybody get concerned.  I'm just saying it'd be nice to have lunch by a lake or something--I still don't really do nature.), I would love to explore more of what our community has to offer, whether it's local boutiques, restaurants, museums, food, etc.  We started a Stockton Bucket List with some friends, and it's time to check some things off!  Ideally, I would love to buy so much more of our clothing, home goods, and groceries from local shops, but I know this will be a balancing act with our budget.  BUT, we can't move in that direction at all if we don't even know our options.  I've already found a few local boutiques I really like, and we've started frequenting the Farmer's Market a lot, but we've got to continue to get out of our routines and try new places!

3.  Document life.  I am so happy that I wrote up each week of my pregnancy, and photographed most of them, and I love doing that with Lilly Anne so far.  I love reading back through those posts and remembering what was going on, but there is so much more to our lives that isn't getting written down.  For example, I would love to have more information on everything we've done to our house--we love fixing it up and would love to share it more often.  And I LOVE looking back at old outfit posts; thank goodness fashion hasn't changed that much, but I'm sure I'll laugh at a few outfits in a few years!  Basically, trying to get past the once-a-week blogging rut!  Instagram has been a game-changer with at least snapping quick cell-phone pictures, but I got a brand-new, big-girl DSLR for Christmas, and I would love to learn to use it.  I've practiced some on one Tommy's aunt generously let us borrow, but I have so much to learn to work on taking beautiful photos.  

4.  Avoid major life changes.  Looking back at the first 5 years or so, it is amazing what we have gone through and accomplished as a couple, but every single year has had a life-changing event.  In 2008, I graduated college and moved to San Diego.  In 2009, I graduated from grad school, Tommy graduated from law school, and we both got our first career jobs.  Oh, and we got engaged...finally ;) In 2010, we got married and moved in together.  In 2011, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we moved back to Stockton, both got new jobs, and bought a house.  In 2012, I lost my mom but found out that I was pregnant.  In 2013, I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, and Lilly Anne was born.  Right?!  So, yeah, a year of peace would be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

5.  Follow through.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to get excited about new endeavors...but I tend to burn-out midway through.  And the number of 95% finished projects around our house would seriously make you laugh.  Neither of us is great at those finishing details, and we both get swept up in the next big idea.  So we have a bathroom with new paint and beadboard but no decor--and for a while, no towels, a newly-exposed wood floor with staples pulled out everywhere but under the couch, doors that have been painted except for a square around the doorknob, dining room shelves mounted but empty...the list goes on and on.  We are working on completing projects start to finish, even when the ending bits might be much less exciting than the next thing we can start.  I'm sure there are real-world practical applications that need this same love, but that's a subject for another day...

Along with these, we'd like to continue many of the changes we made last year based on 7, like avoiding plastic bags, periodic media bans, regular purging of our stuff, and making choices that are better for our bodies and environment.  Gosh, I sound like such a hippie--going outside, eating clean, recycling?  What has California done to me? ;)

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