Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lilly Anne: 22 Weeks

Um, so, you sit up now. WHAT?!  I propped you up to play with your toy in your crib, and all of a sudden I realized you weren't just gripping it for dear life, but actually sitting up on your own.  Being able to lean forward and grab your balance and then sit back up on your own lasted for a good 10 minutes!  So I obviously had my phone out to take an obscene amount of pictures of this craziness, and I stumbled upon getting to watch your faces as you looked in the mirror.  You were smiling and flirting with this baby you saw, and then you started to try to give kisses (or eat the baby's face, either way).  I almost died.  It was so hard not to laugh out loud because it was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen.  Other than that, you had a fun weekend after Thanksgiving with your grandparents, and we got your first Christmas tree!  You were very excited to feel this new texture, although not as excited as the kitties were to climb it.  Speaking of the kitties, you are pretty much obsessed with them now.  Every time one of them walks by, your face lights up and you reach out to grab them.  You are pretty good at petting them gently, but sometimes you get too excited and try to grab and pull their hair.  Surprisingly, they put up with it very well, even when you grab their faces.  I think they secretly like the attention!

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