Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lilly Anne's Month 4 Favorites

Clockwise from top left:

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue: We didn't actually get this until she actually turned 4 months (aaand I'm a little behind writing this list, shocker.), but she was definitely showing signs of readiness by the end of the month.  I spent hours on Amazon reading reviews of different activity centers, got overwhelmed, went to Babies R Us, and this one was on sale.  I remembered that the reviews were pretty good, so we got it.  HA.  Super scientific to be sure, but we like it a lot so far.  We spent a good week on the rolly thing before we even turned her around to see the other side, and we haven't put any batteries in it yet, so it has plenty of potential to stay interesting.  She bounces a little bit, but mostly appreciates standing and having things to play with, since she is bored laying on her back.  After the first day or two, though, I realized we needed to limit the time in here so she didn't get so overstimulated and overtired, because between that and a wonder week, girlfriend had a little napping issue!

Tommee Tippee Stage 1 Chewther (Colors May Vary): About halfway through the month, little miss seemed to want to chew on EVERYTHING while being a little extra fussy, so we picked this up at Target to see if it would help.  She's not interested all the time, but it does seem to help when her gums are bothering her (although I know we're not into the true terror of teething yet, thank goodness).  I like that it stays in mostly by itself, and is easy to hold in place like a pacifier, since she doesn't quite have the fine motor skills of putting other teething toys into her mouth yet, except Sophie.

Skip Hop Stroller Bar Activity Toy, Alphabet Zoo: I could have sworn I included this before, but this has been a hit for a while!  We use it on the carseat, and she can just finally reach out and grab the toys, but we use it the most on the side of her crib so she has somewhere safe to play.  She loves to try to put the banana in her mouth (smart girl!), or shake the pear.  I would get the entire Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo collection of toys if I could, because I think they are so adorable, and they've all been winners for us so far.  So if you're looking for a Christmas present...

Carters Snap-Up Microfleece Sleep & Play: Now that the weather has turned chilly at night, these are by far our favorite pajamas.  I think the snaps allow for them to be slightly longer than the zipper ones, but that may just be me.  Lilly Anne fits perfectly into the 6-month size, with a little room to grow.  We wait for sales, and then have snapped up (haha, punny) these in just about every print!  With her sleep sack and a space heater, these don't make me feel like I need to put a blanket over her and worry about that.  Honestly, some days I don't even change her into real clothes because these are so much warmer.  Plus, they're so dang cute!

Bloomies Handmade Bows: These are my favorite bows so far!  I bought three when she released the Halloween collection on sale, and I think the total was less than $15.  They are darling, and the elastic doesn't dent her head, which was a first!  I feel much more comfortable putting her in a bow if I don't have that awkward, dented ring afterwards.  Definitely follow on Instagram or Facebook to find out what the Deal of the Week is, because it's worth it!

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