Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lilly Anne: 21 Weeks

Happy Thanksgiving, little turkey!  No food for you yet, but I think you had fun anyway!  Today we went to your great-aunt Darcie's house and had Thanksgiving with all of your grandparents.  You had so much fun being passed around and entertaining everyone, and you even napped right through dinner!  Along with Thanksgiving, we had a busy week--you got to check girls in for Alpha Phi's semi-formal, spent lots of time at the house for their officer transitions, went to a Pacific basketball game, and had Daddy Day Care Saturday morning!  You are continuing to show your personality more and more, and getting stronger!  You are also starting to get a little clingy to Mommy; even though you love to flirt with EVERYONE, you prefer to do it from my arms, or with me very close by.  You are interested in other babies, but when we put you down to play with Addie, you were having none of it.  I think it confused you to see another small person, since you're usually in your stroller when we go for walks with Jed or to Baby Boot Camp!  Or, you're just used to being the center of attention always :)

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