Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lilly Anne's Month Three Favorites

This month was all about toys and textures!  It has been so fun to see Lilly Anne start to grab and feel all sorts of things!

Clockwise from top left:

Pat the Bunny (original hardcover book) :
Obviously a classic favorite, but this and other texture books seem to hold her attention when I have her touch them than regular books for now.  My favorite is the smelling page, which I just hold up to her face and she looks at me like "What the heck, mom."

Gerber Birdseye 10 Count Flatfold Cloth Diapers, White :
I have no idea if these actually work as diapers, but I am so glad we got several packs of them, because we have a spitter.  As she has gotten older, her spit-ups have grown proportionally with the amount she can now eat, and there are days when we go through at least a pack of these babies.  They aren't the super-absorbent tri-folds that I remember, but they are big and work great to try to follow the trail as she can now move her head around while she spits.  Oh, the joys of parenthood.

Blankets & Beyond Pink Swirl Baby Girl Blanket:
So we got approximately 87 baby blankets between the shower and other gifts, and while we found which ones were great for swaddling, I grabbed this one the other day when it was chilly, and found that I she loves the soft texture of the rosettes.  It's a little big for a security blanket/lovey, but it's a great stroller blanket for now that is perfectly warm and cozy.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether:
Duh, every baby loves Sophie, except she really does!  It is just small enough that she can grab it herself, and she loves to hit it and make the noise (which is super awesome, let me tell you, and in no way has gotten old).  She also somehow knew right away to put it in her mouth and chew on it, or she tries to chew on everything now (she can't be teething yet, I'm in denial!!), although the hoofs and ears are still a little big for her mouth.

Infantino Activity Pal, Daisy The Cow:
I'm bummed that I couldn't find our exact cow online, but this one is pretty close.  Basically anything that makes noise when she hits it is a hit.  She just swings her right arm over and over, and I swear she gets into staring competitions with the cow; we call it her nemesis.  The only problem with the one we have is that the head lifts up to show a mirror underneath, I guess so the baby can see itself with its face on a cow body?  I don't know, we can't figure out the logic behind it, but it's pretty gross to have a half-decapitated cow hanging out.  Maybe I should rename it Nearly Headless Cow.


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