Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lilly Anne: 15 Weeks

Thankfully, that growth spurt of last week ended as quickly as it came on, and this week has been back to normal.  I think you are starting the teething process, because you love to chew on things and sometimes I think you are a little extra fussy because your gums hurt.  Other than needing a little extra standing/bouncing time to fall asleep for some naps, though, it hasn't seemed to bad...except that hickey you left on my hand.  One big transition this week is that we stopped swaddling your arms at night.  I was so nervous that you would flail and wake yourself up, but once you get that falling asleep flailing out of the way, you have been sleeping pretty soundly.  We decided it was time to stop swaddling because you fought your way out anyway, but mostly because you love to sleep on your side and occasionally roll yourself onto your stomach. Not that you know how to use your arms on your tummy or can roll front to back, but, you know, maybe you'll learn one night.  We're definitely falling into a schedule of eating every three hours, with a 30-45 minute nap in between each feeding.  Occasionally you'll sleep longer, but not that often.  It's been so helpful to have an idea of your schedule so I know that if you're fussy around 1:00, it's probably because you're ready for a nap, but if it's closer to 2:00, you're getting hungry.  Although, really, if I let you, you would eat every time I offered it to you and just spit it all back up to compensate.  Let's try to get out of that habit soon, ok?  

In other news, these Chucks are just about the cutest thing I have even seen, and I am in love with leg warmers--soooo much easier than pants when we have to change your diaper.  I was sorting through pants and socks yesterday, because it is definitely time to retire some (and you're moving into 3-6 month onesies, although most of the 0-3 month still fit), and I realized that these shoes, which I thought were way too big, are actually almost too small with your fat little feet.  So you'll be wearing them every day for the next month or so.  Sorry that your hair looks a little orange in these pictures; I didn't mean to make you so Jersey Shore, but it's getting so thin on the sides that your pink scalp shows through and makes it look redder than it is.  Or I need to work on my white-balancing skills.  Probably that.  You can tell by the pictures that you are super into your hand right now.  In fact, I had to pry them out of your mouth for the picture.  Not only do you like to eat them and grab things, but now you like to stare at them and watch them move, kind of the way your Auntie (I won't say which one!) did when she ate some funny Oreos one time.  It is so much fun to watch you learn about the way your body and the world work!


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  1. Hi Mindy,

    You left me a comment on my blog yesterday, so I just wanted to stop by yours and say thanks for commenting on mine!! You baby girl is precious!!


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