Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIWW: Packing for Disneyland

Packing for a Disneyland is HARD.  Packing for Disneyland while breastfeeding?  Super hard.  It is so hard to find the right balance of clothes you won't sweat to death in, shoes that are comfortable for walking around all day but won't kill you if you get them wet on Splash Mountain, and outfits that don't require complete undressing to feed the baby, all while staying cute and not looking like a complete mom tourist.  Although, I guess since I have a baby and no longer live in Southern California, I am a mom tourist.  Damn.  Anyway, here are the outfits I came up with.  We spent three days in the park, one day running, and two days driving, with some pool time thrown in there.  I have to admit that I gave up on the green Vans and put my Nikes on for the third day because my feet were killing me.  And I'm pretty sure I never wore any of those necklaces because wearing a baby and trying to feed her are so not conducive to any sort of neck jewelry.

shirt: Gap. shorts and belt: A&F (yes, I know). shoes: Gilly Hicks. necklace: local boutique.  watch: Betsey Johnson. monogram earrings: Pish Posh Pendants.
You guys.  Those earrings were only $8.95, and they have like a thousand monogrammed choices.  All you Phis out there, I need these ivy leaves.  And these Lilly roses.

shirt: A&F (they had a really good collection last season, ok?). shoes: Vans.  belt: Express. watch: Betsey Johnson. necklace: Tiffany. earrings: grandma's.
These Vans have been great little sneakers, but you can see how worn they are getting.  My favorite part about them has always been the apple lining, so I am thinking of replacing them with these Kate Spade Keds.

white t: Old Navy. jean jacket: Old Navy. leggings: Forever 21. shoes: Gilly Hicks. watch: Betsey Johnson. earrings: grandma's.
Let me just say that I know leggings as pants is a bad idea.  I do.  But for a 6+ hour car ride, whatever.  Pretty sure I was not the worst dressed person at that Shell gas station.

shorts: J Crew. shoes: Vans. polka dot top: Old Navy. jean jacket: Old Navy. watch: Betsey Johnson. necklace: New York & Co. earrings: Kate Spade.
Not that I ever needed this jacket, because it was 81 degrees at 4:30 AM when I had to line up for my 5K, but I am loving it for this transitional weather that we are supposed to be having this time of year.  Who am I kidding, September is always the hottest month of the year here. #gross #fallwhereareyou
swimsuit: J Crew (comes in D-cup, hallelujah for baby boobies!).
caution, boobie talk ahead...This is my first one-piece since I was like 12.  I wasn't sure what my tummy would look like this soon after the baby, but it was quite the arduous process finding a one-piece that my husband deemed acceptable and not too far down the path of mommy fashion.  If you haven't discovered the joy of a swimsuit that actually fits big boobs, let me tell you, it is awesome.  Although I love this suit, it doesn't fit me perfectly because I have a crazy long torso (which is why I avoid one-pieces in the first place, but there is no way I am putting on a tankini before I am 35), but it does actually have space for my boobs which is pretty remarkable.

shirt: Old Navy. belt: Express. shorts: LOFT.
Not gonna lie, I kind of ran out of steam by this last outfit.  I don't think I even wore it; I think I gave up and wore running clothes by the end of the trip, as I knew I would.  This top was totally a style reach for me when I bought it last summer (notice it has no pink, aqua, or navy blue and white stripes), but it is one of my favorite summer tanks and is a great fall layer because of the colors.  You know, if it ever cools down enough to layer.  I'm working on some "transitional" work outfits for next week--aka, how can I wear some of these new fall clothes I bought but also my summer clothes since they only fit me for like a month all while it is 95 degrees outside.

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