Monday, September 23, 2013

Move It Monday

Today's Move It Monday post is kinda lame, sorry. I'm writing from my iPad with a sleepy baby on my chest, so no pictures.

Anyway. It's no secret that I am not competitive.  Or, more accurately, I'm selectively competitive, as I'm sure my sisters can confirm. But I am definitely not competitive when it comes to fitness--you will probably never find me at Crossfit. I know, I'm so uncool. I like to push myself, but I don't like other people pushing me or comparing myself to other people while we work out. Probably because I would come in last every. single. time. Athleticism has never really been my thing. 

My point to all of this is that I have found my niche: baby-friendly fitness classes. I have been going to Baby Boot Camp locally for a few weeks now, and it's awesome.  Basically, if you or your child need to have a meltdown, it's perfectly acceptable! Nobody looks like they're at LA Fitness trying to pick up the hottie on the next treadmill, there's no spinning involved, and, best of all, it's at the mall. Well, maybe not so best, since that means I go to LOFT almost every week. LOL. It's not a super intense workout, but I can push myself and it's something different than walking or jogging. Plus, it's free, so if we just can't make it out of the house by 8:45, I don't feel that bad. Lilly loves being outside in her stroller, so she usually does really well, and at the end of class we go inside and all of the babies can crawl around and play, which will be awesome when she gets older. 

Then, this past Friday, I met a couple of mommy friends up in Sacramento for the Postpartum Sculpt class they attend, and it was the This class is totally inside, and they have the sweetest set-up! The studio has a little mommy shop, and people have donated swings, bouncers, and playmats so there is even more fun for the little ones! And let me tell you, this workout was no joke. I mean, there were actual weights involved. Again, though, it was totally meltdown-friendly; half the moms ended up breastfeeding their babies at some point during the class, and the teacher was tough, but super nice without being obnoxiously perky. I wish it wasn't an hour away, but it was good enough that I'm considering doing it every other week or something. 

So basically, I'm wondering how long I can ride this baby-fitness train. At what point do I need to go back to the real world of exercise classes? Should I just keep having babies every couple of years so I can stay in the club??

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