Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lilly Anne's Month Two Favorites

Clockwise from top left:

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym. It has been so much fun to watch Lilly Anne start interacting with toys this month, and she loves to lay on her play mat as long as we take the scary elephant out of the middle. We also have a stroller bar activity toy from the same collection, and I love that they have bright colors, letters, and animals without looking too baby.

Summer Infant Snuzzler, Velboa Pink. I forgot to mention this last month with the stroller, but it's a great little insert to help make the stroller a little more comfy. It keeps her from flopping around, and it's super soft.

Baby Nursing App. This app is free, and I use it every single time Lilly eats to look for patterns and to keep track of the last time she ate. So far I have pretty much just followed her lead, but it gives me a good idea when she might be hungry next so I can plan around it, or know if that is probably not why she is getting fussy. It was a free app, but you can add features for a fee. I am considering doing the sleep one to start tracking her naps and get an idea of the patterns she is developing in that area.

Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor. Although we are right next door and can hear her, this is great for peace of mind and laziness. We actually turn the sound off at night since we can hear her if she cries, but having the motion sensor has been so comforting when she has started to sleep longer stretches and it freaks us out. The video is great to see if she has settled or is still wiggling around without actually getting up.

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle. As we've transitioned Lilly Anne into the crib at night, we didn't want to leave her swaddled in a blanket for safety. We bought one of these the second night she was home, but she hated it, or just hated sleeping alone. We tried it again recently, and it's great to help her settle down her crazy arms, although she can still bust her arms out if she really tries--crazy little ninja baby. The cotton version is perfect for the summer nights, but we'll probably switch to fleece when it finally cools down.

Medela Easy Expression Bustier. I'm just not going to put up a picture for this because they are all super awkward.  Google it if you're curious.  I pumped a few times without one of these, and it really sucked to have to hold everything in place for 20 minutes or so. I always thought these were ridiculous, I mean who wants to walk around with a pump hanging off your boobs, but it. is. awesome. I can actually use my hands, so maybe I'll pump more than once a week. Maybe. It still sucks.
This has been such a fun month, and I love watching her grow into some of the fun gear on our registry. I am really looking forward to new developments with toys and books in the months to come!

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