Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lilly Anne: 9 Weeks

Well, you are turning into quite the little personality, missy!  You are definitely getting way more expressive with your eyes, your smiles, and all of your chatter.  I'm pretty sure you have a laugh noise, even though it really just sounds like an awkward grunt, and you certainly have a fake cry that literally sounds like "wah, wah, wah" to go along with the pouty lip.  If we stick our tongues out at you, you stick yours out right back!  You like to be tickled, and you are starting to hold onto toys like your MooMoo.

Along with all of that personality, you had a CRAZY week.  We went to Disneyland for your first trip and for Daddy to run the half-marathon and me to run the 5K (more about that soon, I promise!).  You were a champ for most of the trip--definitely ready to be back in your routine by the end, but so happy and calm in the park.  You even went swimming twice!  Your grandparents and great-grandma were all very excited to spend time with you and see those adorable baby smiles!

We've all been adjusting and recovering for the last couple of days (I guess the idea of relaxing vacations goes out the window with kids?!), but today you had to go in to the doctor to get your 2-month check-up and vaccinations.  You are 23 1/4 inches (although we measured you at home and I think you're longer!) and 12 pounds.  That puts you in about the 75th percentile, so you aren't quite the giant we though you were.  You still seem pretty darn big to me!

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