Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lilly Anne: 12 Weeks

Hey there, big girl. You are all about showing us how strong you are at holding your head up and putting weight on your feet. It is by far your favorite activity! You make a lot of noise, especially a very loud "mmmmmmmmmmm" noise at night when you hang out with us before going to bed, or if you get left by yourself on your playmat, probably just to remind us that you're still there. We even got a really good set of baby giggles out of you once, but you haven't done it again so I can get it on video and put it on Instagram for all of your devoted #lillyannebabyspam followers. You're getting really good at grabbing toys, or wacking them, so there is some hope for your coordination skills!  On the other hand, you haven't been the greatest sleeper this week, and I think you've decided that you never want to fall asleep because you don't want to miss anything, no matter how tired you are, so it takes a bit more help from us to get you to finally pass out. I promise, if you would go to bed at 9 instead of 10, we would too, and you'd miss nothing! Aside for when you're trying to be No Nap Nancy, you are such a happy baby and love to interact with us, especially silly faces and noises. I swear you get to be more fun every week!

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