Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lilly Anne: 11 Weeks

Well little miss, I had a great post planned about your routines, and sleeping so well, and spreading out your eating and dirty diapers, but you laughed in my face and have been a hot mess the last few nights. I think you pooped 4 times last night--just thought the Internet should know that. Don't worry, you're still the cutest thing ever, but nobody was happy about that second diaper change at 2 am.
When you're awake, though, I can just see you getting smarter and smarter every day. I can tell you're paying attention when we read books, especially any books that have textures to touch. You still love your changing table, but the wall is so much less interesting when you can look around at everything now. Your favorite thing to do is still kicking, especially if you can kick me or make it impossible to change our diaper. You are obsessed with sucking on your fists, but your hands get cold, so we put on mittens. Then the mittens get wet because they are even better to chew on than bare hands, so it just makes them colder. We go through almost as many mittens a day as burp cloths, because you are still such a spitter. My favorite (not) is when you get done eating, grin up at me before I have a chance to burp you, and spit half your milk right back down my shirt. Needless to say, even though we both bathe every day, we all kinda stink around here. Oh, and you're pretty officially a side sleeper now.  I always lay you down on your back, but as soon as you hit the crib those legs start swinging to get you onto your side, and a few nights I've found you fully on your stomach. You know, most kids roll tummy to back first since it's easier, but you clearly like to do things your own way (not sure where you get that from...)!

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