Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lilly Anne: 10 Weeks

Ten?! Seriously? Wow. This has been a fairly quiet week for us, still working on getting back into our routine after our disneyland vacay. One very exciting development is you are pretty consistently sleeping all the way from 10:00 to 5:00 without needing to eat! Occasionally you'll wake up around 2:00, but if I come in and put your pacifier back in, that usually does it. Of course, once you're up at 5:00, you have zero interest in being swaddled or going back to sleep, so, that's fun. Actually, after a half hour or so of flailing in the dark, you are usually able to settle back down until 7:00 or so. Last night, you flailed so much that you rolled onto your side, almost on to your stomach, and off the sensor pad for your monitor, so it went off in the middle of the night. I don't think I have ever jumped out of bed so quickly! The middle of the night seems to be the only time you are interested in rolling, though, and I think it's because you fight so hard to get your arms out of the swaddle. You are definitely starting to get more coordinated--ok, that's the wrong word, but interested in moving your arms and legs with specific results. Sometimes you punch your cow (I don't blame you, he has quite the smirk) on the swing or throw your MooMoo pacifier, and your very favorite activity is to lay next to me on the couch and whale on me with your legs. You love chewing on your hands, fists, fingers, whatever you can get in there, even if they are covered with a blanket or mittens. You make new and entertaining noises all the time, especially if nobody is paying attention to you, or I've just gone back to bed after putting your pacifier back in. Obviously you are already a little smart-alec like your mom. We started reading a little bit this week, especially books with touch like Pat the Bunny. I can't tell if you know what's going on or care, but it makes me feel better about all the tv that we watch. LOL!

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