Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Wish List: Victoria's Secret and...Uggs?

Weird pairing today, sorry about that...

So. I know Victoria's Secret is not exactly known for women wearing clothes, but they actually carry great stuff. I mean, everything looks amazing because it's shown on VS models, but the quality and style are surprisingly good for a store that doesn't seem all that interested in keeping women dressed. I love the blend of romanticism and comfort of these looks. It all looks like it would be so cozy, but also super stylish, and it's so cool how many different ways you can wear that sweater!
Am I the only one who suffers from comfy winter shoe obsession? I literally cannot force myself into even the cutest heels or flats when the temperature drops below 50. Ok, 70. I'm embarrassed to share that I have been wearing the same pair of Uggs since my sophomore year of college, although I've pretty much retired the shorts/Uggs combination of those days. #whatwasithinking #imisscollege No matter how ugly mine have gotten and how many pairs of cute and casual boots I have purchased to attempt to class things up, I can't bear to stop wearing them. This has to be the year, though. I'm a mom now. Not that I don't just want to buy a new pair of my exact boots. Because I do, and I just may do that. Actually, I probably will. But these new and way more stylish options might get me to change my mind because I really do know that Uggs are over. The leather boots would be amazing IF they were lined with that amazing sheepskin. I can't figure out if they are. It says they have the sick liner, but I need that stuff to cushion my legs all the way up for maximum winter joy. I've got to find them in a store. I need your opinion on the bows--too young? I obviously love them, because I'm actually a twelve-year-old girl, but, you know, that whole adult thing. Please advise.
I also love all the flats/loafer options; I had a pair of clogs (I know; see hashtags above) when Ugg first started making shoes along with their boots, and I will say that sheepskin is a pretty awesome addition.  But I still wore the boots every day.  Please let me know if we need to have an Ugg intervention.  I can take it.

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