Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Wish List: J Crew and the Gap Stores (or the time everything I wanted sold out)

It's no secret I have an issue with shopping online, especially when J Crew or Banana emails me with a sale. Which they do at least once a week, dang it.  I never buy anything unless it's at least 30% off anymore. Who said there was no upside to the recession? I think I get a different sale email every day of the week from J Crew, Banana, Gap, or Old Navy. I love that the shopping bags for the three Gap companies are linked, and you only need $50 for free shipping. I won't say how many times I've bought extra stuff just to hit that $50. #everytime.

Unfortunately, it seems that I'm not the only one who gets these emails, because between ads for new fall arrivals and a Labor Day sale, most of the pieces I was most excited about sold out. I blame Pinterest for the disappearance of this vest.
all sold out , sorry :(

I obviously don't have enough striped t-shirts, so here's a few more. And yes, that is the same t-shirt in two different colors.  I want both, and the navy and white stripes, duh.  I really hope peplum sticks around for a while--it is such a sweet and flattering look, and I didn't get to take advantage of it AT ALL last winter/spring since I was pregnant.  Have you ever seen a peplum on a belly?  Not cute.
1.2.3 and 4

It never gets that cold here, and I rarely wear anything other than a hoodie when it does--I have the worst problem with comfort dressing in winter.  But, it never fails that every winter I start majorly crushing on outerwear that I know I'll never wear.

Graphic critter sweaters are everywhere this fall, and the colors on this one are so fun and whimsical, although I am a little afraid of birds.  I bought a navy and white plaid shirt at Old Navy a few weeks ago, eagerly anticipating fall, and the fit is perfect. It is super soft, and I kinda want it in every color. I really want a vest to layer, and since the perfect J Crew Factory vest sold out, I'm on the hunt everywhere else. I don't know if the Old Navy one pictured above is too "tech vest" a la 1999, so I want to try it on in store. Also, I'm sorta crushing hard on this oxblood (I believe that's what we're calling it this season) color--so pretty with my new leopard fixation, army green, or striped with navy (fun fact, I want both of those oxblood and navy striped t-shirts above, I just bought one, and there's a blazer from Banana also on my wish list.  Hope that color trend doesn't fade too quickly!).

 Want to see more of what I'm loving for fall fashion?  Check out my Fall Fashion board on Pinterest.

Again, not sponsored in any way, although I know I contribute significantly to these companies' bottom lines!

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