Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIWW: Summer Workwear

I started teaching SAT prep classes this weekend, and I realized it has been a while since I put together a work outfit.  I'm not adhering strictly to "business casual," but I am trying to step it up from "hoodie and jeans Fridays" since it's only a few days a week and really, it's the only time I'm getting dressed each week.  Trying to carry on Stacy and Clinton's legacy, you know? None of these items are new, but I am working to combine what I already have in my closet in new ways, especially in this transitional season.  I also know my size is not quite back to what it was before I got pregnant, so I can't totally rely on everything in my closet to fit and look right (see the second outfit below :/).  I wore the bottom outfit for my first day with some ankle booties that I'll have to show next week.  Now, if the little one could keep napping as well as she has the last few days, maybe I can plan a few more outfits to go with them :)

cardigan: NY & Co. shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch. denim pencil skirt: Old Navy. shoes: Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom Rack)

cardigan: Target. t-shirt: Banana Republic. black jeans: Target. Shoes: Me Too (Nordstrom)

blazer: Express. necklace: gift from a former student. top: Old Navy. white jeans: Gap Maternity (don't judge!)

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  1. Loving that tweed jacket!!! Great staple for all seasons!! And to answer your question about the Shop tab on my blog, I set it up through RewardStyle and had my designer add the tab. :)


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