Monday, August 19, 2013

Move It Monday

Hooray!  I can finally get back to Move It Monday now that little one is six weeks.  I had a couple of exciting workouts last week...

Last Monday I went for my first run since maybe March?  I went a mile and a quarter, not great, but not bad considering the time off and the fact that it was about 90 degrees outside.  Running at 4:00 in the afternoon sucked, but I was so glad I got out there even if it wasn't in the morning.  At first I thought I wasn't even going to feel the run, but my hip flexors really started to tighten up by Tuesday and Wednesday.  I went on a casual walk on Wednesday that loosened them back up so they felt fine by Thursday.  My pace was about 11:30, so again, not great, but it's a starting point.  I would LOVE to get back to a consistent 10 minute mile by the Disneyland 5k that I'm running over Labor Day, and I think that's reasonable, if not for the entire run for at least half.

This was also my first run in my new shoes.  I tried on these and a pair of Nike Frees, and even though everyone raves about them, the Frees just seemed too light for me.  I like having a little more support in my shoe, especially with my high arches, and these seemed to do the trick.  I've walked a few times, and they felt pretty good, but it's too soon to tell after one run.  I totally forget what they're called though, sorry!

On Thursday, I took Lindy and met up with two other friends for Baby Boot Camp at a local shopping center.  I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the group--I thought we might be the only ones there!  It was so fun to be around other moms of babies and know that if we had a meltdown, it was perfectly ok. I'm definitely excited to go back! 

I didn't make it for any more runs in the week, between hosting company and some weird sleeping patterns, but I am hoping to go for a walk today, a run tomorrow morning before Tommy goes to work, do a long walk with Brooke and baby Jed on Wednesday, and hit up Baby Boot Camp on Thursday.

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