Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lilly Anne's Month One Favorites

Clockwise from top left:
UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller:
I have been waiting to use this stroller for months; it was one of the first things we purchased.  Truth: I liked it because of the color, but after seeing it in person, it ended up handling well and having all of the features we wanted, most importantly the giant basket underneath for shopping adjustable handlebar height for my giant husband.  The weather has finally cooled down a bit the past couple of weeks and we've taken a walk almost every morning or evening.  Girlfriend loves riding along and either chills quietly, taking in the outside world, or passes out.
WubbaNub "Moo Moo" Cow Pacifier:
This adorable pacifier has been our savior lately!  We waited until she was about 3 weeks before introducing it, once we were confident her breastfeeding was more than well established (the girl likes to eat), and she took it like a champ.  She doesn't always want it when she's upset, but when she's just a little fussy from being tired, it is a great tool to soothe her to sleep.  I use it a lot after feeding her at night when she wakes up after I set her down, and she usually goes back to sleep in about 5 minutes.  Plus, the cow is stinking adorable!  She doesn't quite have the control to get the pacifier back if it falls out of her mouth, but it gives me something to hold in place for now.
Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny:
When we initially registered, I debated forEVER about whether to get a swing or a bouncer.  Everybody said their baby loved one or the other.  After about 3 hours in Buy Buy Baby (thanks for your patience, Natalie!!), we decided on the swing.  I accidentally left the bouncer on one of the registries that we hadn't made official (am I the only one who registered at 32 different stores just for the completion discount but only made 2 public??), and we ended up getting it as a gift.  Thank goodness we did!  It is so nice to have two different seats for her so we don't have to cart one around each room of our house.  The bouncer stays in our bedroom and is where she currently sleeps (I know, I should really get a bassinet, but three little sleepy seats just seems excessive :).  We started out using the vibration, but she actually sleeps just as well without it turned on, which is great for the battery life!
ERGObaby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert, Black/Camel:
Yes, I have two carriers on here too.  Little Miss does NOT like to be set down; she's better about chilling by herself now, but for the first couple of weeks she hated to go more than 15 minutes without being held, and these carriers were a lifesaver.  We got the Ergo because of how comfortable it is and hopefully will be as she gets older, and the infant insert makes the perfect baby burrito! Tommy uses this the most, since wrapping the baby in the Moby is apparently not manly, but I like to put it on when I need to get her in and out quickly.
Burt's Bees Baby Organic Cotton Hooded Blanket:
This is not the exact Burt's Bees blanket that we have (ours doesn't have a hood and is bee print all over), but my dad picked it up randomly at CVS when he was running errands for us the first weekend, and it quickly became our favorite swaddling blanket.  Everyone swears by the Aden + Anais blankets, but we've found that they are too big for an effective swaddle right now, and the Burt's Bees has the perfect amount of stretch to get it nice and tight, but allows her to stretch a bit too.  Plus, the organic cotton is super soft, and the bees are stinking adorable.  We ended up sending my dad back to CVS and getting a pink terrycloth hooded blanket which is also awesome, but a little bit thicker which makes it a little warm during the day sometimes.  I'm obsessed with this striped one now, so you know, if anyone wants to buy us a present, we wouldn't say no!  Pink or navy stripes, I'm not picky :)
Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black
After we realized how obsessed Lilly Anne is with being held, I texted my bestie Lindy to see if I could borrow her Moby, since her daughter has outgrown it/is obsessed with walking and running everywhere.  She sent it to me, and I have probably worn it at least once every day since.  It is perfect for being around the house, and lets me work on the computer (actually, I'm wearing it right now!), and I think it's easier than carting her carseat around when we run errands or go shopping.  The trick is to put it on before leaving home, and then just sticking her in it when we get there.  Once she's in this thing, she is out like a light.  The only complaint I have with both carriers is that it gets super hot wearing her.  It's like strapping a little space heater to your body.  Great in the winter, but grossly sweaty right now.  I have to put a burp cloth between her head and my chest or else we are both drenched with sweat.
InGenuity™ by Bright Starts Smart & Quiet Swing™ - Sumner Fashion:
This is the swing we initially chose for our registry, and it has been great.  It sits on our coffee table (I know, it's a hazard, but we rarely turn it on and it's super stable), and it's where she chills 99% of the time she isn't being held or sleeping at night.  Just like the seat, we started out using the motion constantly, but realized that she doesn't really care if it moves or not, so the batteries don't go too quickly.  I wish it could plug in, but I wanted something small and portable (have you seen how massive the regular ones are in the store?  My living room is not that big!), and we've even folded it up and thrown it in the trunk to go hang out at a friend's house.  Plus, the colors aren't too obnoxious in our living room, and I think the snail is cute :)

One last favorite that I didn't picture is our Netflix subscription.  We spent a gross amount of time on our couch watching TV  while we held or fed her the first few weeks, and since we just canceled cable (awesome timing, right?), Netflix has been our savior.  We went through the entire series of Scrubs (that's 8 seasons) in the first month, and Tommy watched countless movies while she slept on him and I caught a few hours of sleep in bed.  Seriously, the best $7 a month I've ever spent.


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  1. This takes me back to those early days! Glad you're surviving :D


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