Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lilly Anne: 7 Weeks

For some reason, I feel like making it past 6 weeks is a huge milestone, like all of a sudden you are a grown-up baby!  I mean, you are huge, so there's that.  I swear you are still in a growth spurt or something, because you have been eating a ton, sleeping a ton, and still quite particular about your desire to be held.  I also read about a book called The Wonder Weeks on another mommy blog, and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with what was going on last week.  It basically describes some periods in a baby's development that are typically super fussy because they are making some major leaps in their perception of the world.  I will say that you definitely seem to interact much more now, both with us and occasionally some toys.  For example, you have been giving that cow hanging out on your swing the stinkeye quite a bit lately.  Really, though, even your fussiness has not been that bad; you just don't want to sleep by yourself, and that's ok right now, because your baby cuddles are so sweet.  The crib works occasionally, and your chair works pretty often, but your favorite is definitely being curled up on one of our chests.

This week has been a little quieter, after having two weeks of company and a lot of drives to the airport, I've been keeping you close to home to chill, although we did go to Target yesterday to get the September issues of Vogue and InStyle.  It's important that you learn about these things early, since I know the days are coming very soon when you will have quite the opinion about what you wear.  Your outfit today is another one of my favorites, especially because that little shirt keeps riding up and showing off your little baby belly!

Your neck is getting so strong, and you'll be sitting up before we know it, but you look hilarious when you start to tip over!  Sorry about that :)  Love you baby girl!

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