Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lilly Anne: 5 Weeks

Hey little love! I've started to call you a million nicknames lately, mostly related to your new chunkiness. I swear those cheeks and those thigh rolls get bigger every day! We tried measuring your length on your changing table while you were stretching (which, by the way, is your very favorite place to chill. Like, for half an hour by yourself. Sometimes I just strap you in and go do productive things. #momoftheyear) and I think you're about 23 inches now! Sometimes I call you Chubbs, which makes  me think of Happy Gilmore and giggle, or Spitter, since you seem to prefer your milk on your onesie (and my clothes, and the furniture) instead of in your tummy.  Seriously, its like a fountain. You are also pretty much officially out of newborn onesies, and the 0-3 month clothes fit you way better than I expected, especially the footsie pajamas. Like, I'm not sure how long those will fit.

You make the funniest faces and stretches when you're waking up from naps, and you like to flail a lot while you're eating.  Noises too, which I appreciate because it means I can usually get you to eat before you start screaming.  You are getting very grabby, and particularly like to grab my hair and never let go!  No grabbing toys yet, but I bet that's soon. Your smiles are getting a little more frequent, and you like to play with your tongue a lot.  Your neck is getting very strong, and you love to head butt our chests.  It's always fun to see what you'll do next!

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  1. Oh my gosh, chubby babies are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see her in just two days!!


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