Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIWWW: What I WOULD Wear Wednesday :)

So, it turns out that staying home with a newborn doesn't give all that many opportunities to wear anything other than sweats :) Between the spitting up and finding tops that are convenient for breast-feeding (not to mention only about half of my pants fit now), real outfits take a lot of effort and are few and far between. So instead, I'm posting some outfits based on new pieces in my closet that I bought while I was pregnant and am still waiting to put together.

I have similar pieces to everything in this first outfit, but I would LOVE to get this tote. And the drape on this polka dot shirt is to die for. How many black and white polka dot shirts are too many??

Polka Dots

I am crazy about this next outfit, but it ended up being nothing like what I have in my closet. I started with the inspiration of some orange printed shorts I bought at Banana Republic this summer, but I can't find them online anywhere. I am kinda obsessed with black and white stripes right now (a nice change from the navy and white stripes that take up 1/3 of my closet!) and this peplum is freaking adorable. I might just convince myself to buy it. I am also dying to work more bows into my outfits, because let's be honest, they are stinking cute and then Lilly Anne and I can match! I need my Alpha Phi collegiates to help style some bows for me!

Summer Brights

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