Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lilly Anne: 3 Weeks

Baby girl. I can't even call you little anymore, because you weighed in today at a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz! I KNEW you were having a growth spurt this week, but dang. At one week, you were down to 8 lbs 1 oz, so you have turned into a good little eater (which explains why you're going through our full stash of 18 cloth diapers every day and a half). 2 nights ago, you finally slept for three hours all by yourself in your bouncer, and nobody had to hold you. Thank you for that, and if you could do it again, that'd be great.

You had some fun adventures this week! Friday night, we took you to your first bar (and of course you won't be allowed alcohol for another 21 years so don't even think about it!). We walked down to the Abbey to meet up with JC and Leslie, and you gave us a good hour before you were hungry again (surprise surprise)-just enough time for one delicious beer! An hour is about the most time we can get for an outing, but I'll take it! I can do a lot of damage at Target in an hour ;)

Today, after your appointment, we met your new friend and future pledge sister Addie. She is three weeks older than you, but you totally dwarf her, just like I dwarf her mom! We even dressed you guys in matching Carter's dresses without meaning to.  Cutest thing ever. You guys are going to have a ton of bonding time at advisor meetings in the next few years...

On a mommy note, almost all of my pre-pregnancy shorts fit again, and all of my shirts, although I have to take your eating habits into account when I get dressed, since you turn into a rabid honey badger when you are hungry and don't get to eat right away. We can't have a little thing like a shirt get in your way of first dinner. I think you have almost outgrown your newborn clothes, which means your wardrobe is about to expand exponentially and we can start coordinating outfits better with more to choose from :)

PS happy Christmas in July! Since Hobby Lobby has started to set up Christmas decorations already, I think we'd better go to the fabric store soon to start planning your Halloween costume! To celebrate today, we might just play this Christmas Vacation drinking game tonight...

I really wanted to take your picture in that adorable dress you wore today, but, without naming names, I'll just say that someone pooped all over herself as soon as I took her diaper off, so we had to reconsider, and it's laundry day (what day isn't?)

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  1. Man we have cute kids! Love that picture of us, you have to email it to me :)


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