Monday, June 10, 2013

Gray Baby Fiesta Part Two: Games

So, we have a giant chalkboard bracket in our garage...March Madness is kind of our thing.  Naturally, when we started planning the games for our baby shower, it would have been completely inappropriate to ignore this valuable asset.  

Enter:  Baby Madness

 1. For our Baby Madness Tournament, each contestant received their seed by choosing a numbered rubber duck.  Unfortunately, a disclaimer provided by Oriental Trading Company notified us that the ducks were not necessarily guaranteed to float upright.
2. For the winners of each round, there were, of course, prizes.
3. Round 1 was a Baby Quiz with questions about Tommy and I as well as the pregnancy so far.  We left this as an open round, so the less intense competitive guests could enjoy as well.
4.  The tournament began with the Sweet 16: Belly Measure.  While I don't exactly want to know how many inches my waist currently is, it was extremely entertaining to watch some of the male guests struggle with this in fear of offending.
5.  The Elite 8 were then asked to chug 2 oz of their beverage of choice out of a cheap bottle.  Not surprisingly, four Alpha Phis won this round to move on.
6. The Final 4 were blindfolded and given a stuffed animal wearing a diaper and a onesie.  They were then timed on changing and re-dressing their animal.
7. and 8.  Natalie and Joleen made it to the Championship, where they were given brooms and their own pinata to burst and remove 5 items.  After the pinatas were quickly knocked to the ground, we took their blindfolds off and let them go at each other it.

I'm not going to lie, this was pretty much the most amazing series of shower games I've participated in.  The level of competition displayed by the competitors was nothing short of unhealthy spectacular.  Plus, have you ever seen a pinata stuffed with mini bottles of wine, Ghiradelli chocolates, organic 5-hour energy, and maracas?  I didn't think so.

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  1. what an awesome idea! I'll have to steal some of these ideas if Im in charge of planning any more showers!


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