Wednesday, June 26, 2013

40 Weeks

how far along: 40 weeks...seriously, this had better be the last one :)

size of baby: "anywhere from 5 to 11 pounds"...WHAT?!  Please tell me I am not having an 11 pound baby.

development: Growing, growing, growing.

weight gain: 34 pounds...crap, maybe she really is 11 pounds.

symptoms: Impatience?  Is that a symptom?

exercise: Finished up cheer camp last week, much to the relief of our male children's pastor who would have had to take my place!  Trying to walk as much as possible to get this baby out!

maternity clothes: Squeezing in one or two last wears of a few shirts that I hope to be putting away soon.

baby gear: Oops, I bought another swimsuit.  Aaaaaaand a 4th of July outfit.  Because she'll be here by then, right?  And small enough to fit into these outfits??

cravings/aversions: Nada.

movement:  Tons!  Maybe I'm making it too comfortable for her in there.

sleep:  Meh.  Pretty good overall, but definitely interrupted.  Good practice!

gender: Girl!

looking forward to:  Meeting this baby...and getting her out of my ribs.

what I miss: I can see the white wine chilling in the fridge, calling my name...

worries: Reality is setting in that labor is coming...I feel like if you are early, it ends up being a surprise and you don't really have time to think about it, but now that the day is here, I am expecting it to start at any moment.  Is that a contraction?  What about that?

milestones: We made it to the due date!  Hopefully we don't make it through the day :)

best moment this week: I had a great facial know, to look nice and glowy for those hospital pictures!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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  1. I really hope she comes soon. Don't think too much about labor and delivery. You will do great. It really is an amazing experience even though in the moment it doesn't feel so wonderful. Alex, Elliott and I are excited to meet Lilly Anne!


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