Wednesday, June 19, 2013

39 Weeks

how far along: 39 weeks...hoping this is my last weekly post!

size of baby: Still giant!

development: Growing, growing, growing.

weight gain: 32 pounds...I'm definitely seeing some swelling in my calves and feet, so I'm hoping this is mostly water weight.  No cankles yet, though, thank goodness.

symptoms: Sleeping is still uncomfortable; I think I wake up every half an hour to turn over, which is its own half hour process!

exercise: I started coaching cheer camp at church this week!  I did a few stretches with them on Monday and Tuesday but sat during stretching today to rest my ligaments.

maternity clothes: Lots of workout clothes...not that I'm actually working out...but Spandex is good.

baby gear: I think we're set!

cravings/aversions: Nothing crazy.

movement:  Girlfriend is somehow up in my ribs on the right side and punching me in the right hipbone all at the same time.  The doctor did confirm that she is head down, which was a relief.

sleep:  Definitely intermittent.  Poor Tommy, every time I roll over or get up to pee he wakes up and worries that I'm in labor.

gender: Girl!

looking forward to:  Any day now, I hope!

what I miss: Breathing comfortably.

worries: That I'm going to be pregnant forever!  That, and having a giant baby.

milestones: None.

best moment this week:  Starting cheer camp has been so fun and a good way to pass the time so far this week.  The little girls are so adorable about my belly and like to hug it!  Suuuuuuuper cute!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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