Friday, May 31, 2013

Babymoon--Day Two

Saturday we woke up and drove down to Monterey to hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium when it opened.  Without knowing it, we managed to show up the day of the Sustainable Foods Celebration, which meant dozens of vendors with yummy foods to taste. This pregnant girl was pretty much in heaven.  There were cheeses, ice creams, granola, fish (yes, they served seafood at an aquarium), and I don't even remember what else.  I was pretty focused on the cheeses and ice cream.  My favorite was Three Twins Ice Cream, which is local to Petaluma, so I'm definitely going to have to stop by the next time I go visit my dad.  They had this amazing lemon cookie flavor that was to die for.  Pretty sure I went back to that booth about 4 times #sorryI'mnotsorry.  Most of the vendors were carried at Whole Foods, which would be awesome if Stockton had one.  It did make me want to finally start exploring our farmers' market and look for more local foods, because, hello, we live in the middle of the Central Valley, agricultural capital of the country.  Clover also had a big display with this awesome cow photo booth, which of course Tommy could not pass up.

Anyway, we did finally get around to looking at some fish.  Somehow we stumbled into the open sea right at feeding time, which was awesome.  My favorites were the hammerhead sharks.  I also really liked the seahorse exhibit, where we learned that the males carry the babies.  I made Tommy pose with the daddy seahorse giving birth, hoping that it would rub off.  Look for the tiny seahorse babies popping out!
Tommy's favorites were the penguins and the sea otters.  I bought a couple of books at the bookstore for baby girl and Ada when she comes to visit, while Tommy got violated by posed with a sea otter statue.
After the aquarium, we wandered around Cannery Row looking for lunch.  We stumbled into the Fish Hopper, where we had THE BEST CHOWDER I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  And I've had a lot of chowder.  The only thing that almost ruined our lunch was a super obnoxious seagull who stalked us until the couple next to us left and it ate their leftover pats of butter, wrapper and all.  Sick, but at least it didn't get my chowder.  I would have punched a bird.  This is also Tommy's new favorite picture, and he put it as his phone background.  Thanks honey.
So, since we hadn't had enough adventures, Charles took us on a tour around 17-Mile Drive, which is where Pebble Beach is, and he happened to go to high school.  Who does that?  We felt like VIPs going in the resident side to visit the school.  I didn't even take any pictures, I was too busy staring out the window at the gorgeous golf courses, mansions, and of course the coast.  I'm pretty sure Tommy was drooling over the golf courses.  Someday, honey.  You know, when we have a spare few grand to drop on a round of golf.

After like 6 golf courses, we drove another few miles south to Carmel.  I am going to live in Carmel when we are rich enough for Tommy to golf Pebble Beach every day.  When we first drove up, it was so cute and artsy (ok, they were having an art festival, but in my head it's like that every day), and I was expecting lots of cute boutique-y beach shops, but the first shop I saw was Kate Spade.  I immediately ditched the guys in a coffee house and enjoyed being the cute pregnant girl in all of my favorite stores.  Seriously, I think I made a friend in every shop.  Eventually I felt bad about ditching the guys and we walked around the rest of downtown, which was more of the boutique area that I had pictured.  When our feet were about ready to fall off, we finally drove back to Seascape.

Just in case we weren't tired enough from walking, we hiked down to the beach once we got back to Seascape, and the boys played in the water like they were puppies, while I put my toes in the cold water and promptly settled back in the warm sand to read.
Finally, we were exhausted and went back to the condo to nap, order a pizza for dinner, and shower.  Later that night, we hiked BACK down to the beach (via the bar) to find a fire pit and make some s'mores.  We kind of crashed a wedding after-party that was packing up to steal their fire pit.  Charles wanted to make friends, but Tommy and I were exhausted by about 10:30.
I seriously can't believe how much we packed into one trip, but I would go back to each place.  I can't wait to take the baby to the aquarium in about a year when she's old enough to at least be mildly interested in the fishies, and there were a ton of awesome kids play activities that unfortunately we were all too big for this trip.  Ok, who am I kidding, I pretty much just want to go back to every single one of those restaurants.  Sorry, guys, Seascape has officially been turned from mancation destination to family trips to the beach! #we'regettingold

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