Thursday, May 30, 2013

Babymoon--Day One

As a combination celebration of Tommy's birthday/babymoon, we went down and spent the weekend all around the Monterey Bay.  And when I say all around, I mean all around.  We hit 6 different cities in two days, thanks to our expert tour guide, who invited himself to tag along.  Just kidding, Charles, we were so glad you came along!

We started by driving down Friday morning and stopping for lunch at Gayle's Bakery in Capitola.  Definitely an amazing recommendation, and I would suggest it for anyone going anywhere near that area.  My favorite was this amazing chocolate chunk peanut butter cookie...if there weren't so many sweets left in the house from our baby shower, I would go try to recreate those right this minute!  Capitola was the cutest--everything was in bloom, and we wandered into a couple of cutesy shops by the restaurant before heading down to the beach.  At one of the beach shops, we found this awesome giant blue rubber duck that we picked up for my dad's pool.  I think it was hard for Tommy to part with it!

After lunch, we drove down to Aptos, where we stayed at Charles's condo at Seascape Resort.  Now, I have to be honest, "romantic getaway" is not usually my first thought when I think of Seascape...more like "bromantic getaway!"  The guys have been going there for about ten years now, and I was finally given the honor of attending a man weekend last summer, but those are memories I choose not to share on the internet.  We also spent one night of my bachelorette party here, so needless to say, this was the most sober I've ever been in this condo.  You can't beat this view though!
We were too lazy to walk all the way down to the beach, and the resort was still pretty quiet, so we headed over to the pool, where I graced everyone with this sight and managed to burn a handprint on my stomach.
After frying just one shoulder and my hand-printed belly, we went to Happy Hour (which is a lot more happy when you can drink margaritas, just saying) at Palapas Restaurant, which has amazing chips and a decent virgin margarita.  We chilled there until dinnertime, texting Charles and trying to convince him to come join us.

For dinner, we drove up to meet my dad (who happened to be in Monterey the same day) in Santa Cruz--I wasn't kidding when I said we hit the whole bay.  We ate at The Crow's Nest, away from the boardwalk and over by the harbor, where Tommy made his first statue friend of the weekend.  2 for 2 on amazing meals so far!  Score for the pregnant chick!
After dinner, we went back to the resort and hit up the bar (again, super fun when you're pregnant), where I had a chocolate shake (how did I not gain that much weight this week??) and Tommy enjoyed some scotch.  Oh scotch.  I love scotch.  Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

P.S. You can see all of these pictures on Instagram @mindyg26 or #babymoon.

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