Wednesday, May 1, 2013

7 Month 3: Waste

Soooo, month 3 is a month late, but whatever. Month 2 should have been the easiest, but for some reason that made it all too easy to procrastinate. We hit 217 items pretty easily, counting the 2 boxes of giveaway we already had in our garage, but the intentionality of the recipients really threw us. Or, in other words, we were too lazy to do anything other beyond the normal Goodwill trip. So the boxes spent about 3 weeks cluttering the dining room table, until it was finally our turn to host our Newlywed Club dinner and we had to clear it off. After that, they spent a month behind our couch in this attractive pile.

Actually, they're still there. Our saving grace came in the mail last week, when we got a notification that United Cerebral Palsy is sending a truck down our street to collect clothing and household items. Well thank goodness, because I have about 217 pieces of clothing or household items that I would love to give you! So month 2 should officially be wrapped up tomorrow. I wouldn't say we totally succeeded, but we did purge a fair amount of stuff.  Don't worry, I kept the prom dress :)  We never actually made it into the attic storage--this was all crap we had just hanging out in our house.

For month 3, we're going to focus on waste. We've been doing pretty well with our avoidance of plastic bags, but we could do better. I even ordered these cool produce bags from Victory Bags on Etsy so our groceries at least are bag-free. As spring approaches (or gets skipped, since its been in the 80s and 90s for several weeks), there are so many opportunities to "go green" and minimize waste by focusing on local vendors that have a smaller footprint. I know, I know, the hippie thing has been a thing for a while now, and I'm a little late to the party. I was rebelling against Petaluma for a few years, and Stockton isn't exactly on the cutting edge of progress. So we'll be starting a compost pile, growing our garden, shopping at the farmer's market (I'm embarrassed that we don't already do this seeing as how we live in the Central Valley, agricultural capital of the world), and making efforts to recycle better. However, to make this a true fast, we are going to try to make it an entire week without generating any trash. Recycling is ok, but nothing in the trash can. I even told Tommy he was going to have to use a handkerchief. I'm a little nervous, but I think we can do it with adequate advance planning. How cool would it be to get down to one can of trash a month at some point?

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