Friday, April 5, 2013

What to Wear When You're Knocked Up: 2nd Trimester

Wow!  How am I already done with my second trimester??  I can't believe how fast time is flying; I know everyone says that, but seriously.  This trimester I definitely outgrew my regular pants, and about halfway through, my shirts started getting short, which made me panic.  So far, I still have not purchased that many pieces, a couple of tanks for layering, 3 pairs of jeans, yoga pants, and 5 tops.  I also got handed down a couple of other pairs of pants, including some wonderful AG jeans that I never would have spent the money on, but LOVE having.  My favorites are anything with the demi panels; they stay up much easier and keep me from doing the awkward pants-hitching dance that I have to do with the full panel pants.  I have definitely filled out enough to keep everything up, but my butt isn't big enough to keep those full panels up when I sit down.

Another thing I have realized is that Stockton has a pitiful selection of maternity options.  Target has a cute, but small, section, Ross is hit or miss, and Kohl's has a small section, but I don't think their prices are low enough to justify their typical quality.  We also have a Motherhood Maternity, but beyond some basic tees, I didn't see that they had anything cute.  I've gotten pretty much all of my clothes online from Old Navy and Gap, and I feel much better about their prices and quality than anything I can find in person.  I've had to get comfortable with returns, so I tend to over-order and then send back what I don't like or doesn't fit well.  That strategy also usually qualifies me for free shipping ;)  I add stuff to my cart as I find it that looks cute, and then just wait until I get one of those 30% off emails in my inbox to order!

I've put pictures up of most things I've ordered in my weekly updates, but here's a nifty little collage of what I've bought so far.  (can you tell I've been practicing this skill in Photoshop??) is sold out, sorry!

Here's a wish list for third trimester.  I know I'm going to have to get some kind of dress for the shower, and I'd love a maxi dress as it gets warmer, but I get nervous about length.  They don't make tall maternity!  I'm also loving all of the adorable eyelet out this season, and I'm hoping this top could transition to post-maternity easily.  Shorts are a must-have; I have one pair of khaki-ish shorts from Target, but they are seriously mom shorts.  It's not cute.  Overall, it's just awkward not knowing exactly how my body will change and what I'll be able to get away with; I've been buying more regular tunic-style shirts with the hope that I can get most of the way through and stay on trend without limiting my options afterwards.  I blame all of the cute sale styles at LOFT (I would put links, but most of the styles aren't available online anymore--someday I'll try to take some outfit pics again). Plus, if they're loose enough, who needs a nursing cover, right? ;)

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