Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Weeks

picture here's a gratuitous picture of a cat in the crib.

how far along: 30 weeks

size of baby: The fruit/veggie sizes are really starting to suck for comparison, because they make absolutely no sense, so Baby G is about 15 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds.

development: She is now strong enough to grab a finger!

weight gain: Back to 19 pounds

symptoms: Some pain in my pelvis occasionally, depending on how active I am.  I did something at ballet Monday night that made it really hard for me to roll over that night and kept me sore most of the day Tuesday.  Overstretching maybe?  Not sure.

exercise: I did most of my walks towards the beginning of last week, and was so sore after ballet Monday night that I haven't gotten in another good one this week yet, although I did a short and slowish walk today.

maternity clothes: Nothing new, although I did discover that one of my pairs of AE boyfriend jeans is low cut enough and stretches out quickly enough that I can still wear them, even buttoned. Regular pants rock! Although they do get a little uncomfortable with the real waistband digging in, and I still have to hitch them up all the time. On second thought, I may never go back to real jeans again.

baby gear: I bought diapers and wipes after a midnight freak-out Friday night that we wouldn't be prepared if she came early. What else are your must-haves for the first few days just in case?

cravings/aversions: nothing

movement: I think she's sideways again. The movement is really strong and still pretty freaky to see. I'm waiting to see a distinct foot or something pop out.

sleep: Mostly good, with the exception of Friday night's panic attack and ensuing google research.

gender: Girl

looking forward to: Meeting her!

what I miss: The comfort--back when I was wishing I had a bump. Silly girl.

worries: Well, apparently, that we don't have adequate stuff for this tiny person, but really, it's not like someone can't run to the store for us if we need it spontaneously. JC and Leslie, I'm looking at you guys.

milestones: None.

best moment this week: Um, CST testing meaning I only had to teach for about 90 minutes yesterday?

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.


  1. First few days must haves: swaddle, a few pairs of pjs and onesies, diapers, wipes, pacifier if you're using one, carseat, loving husband!, crib sheets, white noise machine.

    I also know a place that delivers in 48 hours so I can get anything delivered for you if she shows up early!

  2. I will so go to the store for you! Can't wait to meet her! Xoxo!


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