Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7 Month 2: Possessions

So how did we survive a month without TV, social media, or iPhone apps?

Surprisingly easily.  Weekends were the hardest, especially since I was gone for two of them and poor Tommy was left alone with no TV friends to hang out with, and it meant that I missed my Friday or Saturday night doses of West Wing.  I, for one, did not miss social media AT ALL.  I thought I would be having major Pinterest withdrawals, but not really.  I guess I got around some of that by doing a bunch of baby registry stuff online, which filled most of my downtime at work.  I did miss reading a few blogs, but mostly just the ones of people I know and their exciting lives (ok, so it was really just seeing pictures of Lindy's new house and Ashley's new baby!)  Overall, I think I'd like to keep quite a few of the changes we made this month--Instagram is the only app I've added back to my phone, and that's really just because of all the babies, and we're trying to keep the TV off a lot more, but some days it is so nice to just veg out to something mindless (not as mindless as Pretty Little Liars, though.  I would like to keep my selectivity level a little higher with what I choose to watch, and having to ruthlessly cut down our DVR to last a month helped a lot!)  I love all of the reading we've done, especially all of the free books we've taken advantage of by 3 trips to the library, maxing out their e-book and audiobook check-outs and renting through Amazon Prime.  It makes it a lot easier to read a sub-par book when you didn't pay $8 for it.  And trust me, I read some stinkers, but I also found a new series I like (the Alex Cross books by James Patterson--and yes, I realize I was living under a rock since this is like the most ridiculously ongoing series ever, but they were new to me!)  Tommy and I have both always been readers, so this isn't exactly a newly-discovered pastime thanks to media month, but it was nice to have the time without all of the necessary TV watching.  Speaking of time, I think we've also gotten a lot more productive.  I actually do the dishes regularly now, which I'm sure Tommy appreciates, and occasionally cook him dinner warm up leftovers in the microwave when he gets home from baseball practice.  Baby steps, people.

So, for March, we sat down with our partners in crime and decided we want to tackle possessions.  We all have a lot of stuff, and we need a bit of a kick in the pants to clear some of it out.  Tommy and I are actually pretty good about hitting up Goodwill every few months to dump some junk, but this month we want to be more intentional about what we give away and to whom we give it, making it a meaningful exercise rather than just spring cleaning.  Not that we couldn't use a spring cleaning as well, especially to get ready for the truckload of baby stuff we're all about to need.  BUT taking the time to put some thought into the recipient might also help direct us to give away some things we wouldn't have expected to part with that may truly benefit someone else.  The overall goal for the month is for each couple to part with 217 items, or 7 per day (and Leslie and I assured our husbands that as hoarders, we understand that we may take on the bulk of that total), and to give the majority of the items away with an intended recipient.  My first idea is to finally accept the fact that I no longer have a single upcoming life event that will allow me to wear a formal dress (and yes, it took me 5 years post-college to come to grips that this dress no longer has a place in my life) and finally donate my old dresses to one of those organizations that offers low-cost or free prom dresses for girls who can't afford one.  No, I'm not planning on giving away my wedding dress, why do you ask?  Actually, now that I look at the pictures again, it's a beautiful dress and I should totally keep it for our daughter's dress up clothes stash, right?  It totally counts that I'm giving it away if I give it to the baby, right???

Please don't put me on Hoarders.

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