Wednesday, March 20, 2013

26 Weeks

No picture this week...between my tiredness and Tommy's baseball schedule, it just didn't happen.

how far along: 26 weeks...only 99 days to go!

size of baby: Baby G is the size of a head of lettuce.

development: She has eyelashes, and her eyes should be able to open soon.

weight gain: 16 pounds...guess I'm on the 2 pounds a week plan!

symptoms: I'm starting to get tired again!  I'm going to blame the weather and hope my 2nd trimester energy isn't running out quite yet.

exercise: Nothing exciting.  I was so tired, I pretty much crashed every day after work.

maternity clothes: The jeans are definitely much better than trying to hold on with a hair tie on the waistband, but mostly still regular tops, with a little creativity :)

baby gear: I found out that my glider should be delivered next week, about a month sooner than expected, hooray!!

cravings/aversions: Nothing.

movement: It's really freaky, especially seeing my stomach jump from the outside.

sleep: Pretty good.

gender: Still a girl, I think!

looking forward to: March Madness starts tomorrow!!

what I miss: I miss some of my cute spring clothes that don't fit anymore

worries: ?

milestones: None.

best moment this week: We FINALLY started back into a study for Newlywed Club tonight, and it was great to see my friend Ali after her mission trip to China.

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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