Monday, February 4, 2013

Cat/Move It Monday

So, not that I've done anything particularly active this week, but we have some exciting fitness news coming up!

Tommy is officially registered for the Disneyland Half-Marathon on Labor Day weekend! We ran in our church's "Run for Fun" 5k and 10k a few months ago, and Tommy got the race bug.  Winter obviously SUCKS for training, especially since we don't belong to a gym or have a a treadmill, so the Labor Day deadline gives him a few months of sun to prepare.  We've been looking up training plans--do you have any suggestions that would be good for about 6 months or less of training?

Call me crazy, but I actually signed up for the Family 5k the same weekend.  I know it will only be about 2 months postpartum, but it's a family race, so I'm sure there will be plenty of walkers too.  If nothing else, it will give me some motivation to start C25k again after Baby G gets here and I'm cleared to run.  Moms who've been there--how realistic is it to be able to jog a bit (like a mile or less) after 2 months?  Am I crazy?

It wouldn't be Monday without a cat picture!!  Our precious baby Cotton the Cat has been in heat on and off over the past few weeks, which is suuuuuuper fun.  Never again will I pick up a random kitten off the street wait to get a cat fixed.  Anyway, apart from the awkward meowing/howling, she has been trying to climb into all of our plants--I cleaned this up three times yesterday.

No Cotton, there are no boy kitties to make babies with in my amaryllis.

Linking up (and hijacking the theme) with Ashley and Move it Monday!

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